Our raison d’être

Plant production chain is looking for more reliable and faster diagnostic tools in order to early detect plant diseases and to reduce PPP treatments.

Qualiplante contributes to the development of sustainable agriculture, in particular through the production of innovative molecular-based diagnostic kits for the detection of a large number of plant diseases. Whether you are a private or a public laboratory, a nursery, a professional organization… Qualiplante offers you the molecular tools adapted to your needs to detect plant diseases and to simplify your work.

Qualiplante kits validation by world-renowned opinion leaders together with the development of several scientific partnerships (e.g. CIRAD, IpadLab) ensure the best quality and reliability on the market.

Why do we currently assist to the spread of plant diseases?

Bacteria, fungi, viruses …. many diseases affects plants and can cause economic disaster, even large-scale food crisis. Around 15% of food is lost each year worldwide for 220 Md$/year. The risk of the spread of plant diseases is mainly due to the globalization of the agricultural markets, a decentralization of crops production, the growing flow of plant material around the world and the climate modification.

How can Qualiplante help to reinforce the phytosanitary controls?

Current diagnostic tools are most often unreliable and less-sensitive, time-consuming, impossible to develop for some diseases and often not permit multi-detection.

It’s time to improve plant disease diagnostics!

Molecular biology is the most appropriated method to detect plant diseases in an early and reliable way. Farmers can target and reduce phytosanitary treatments with an early diagnostic in order to contribute to a sustainable agriculture. Qualiplante products are developed in order to democratize molecular biology for plant certification and to simplify its use.

Our mission

Build tomorrow’s agriculture with Qualiplante by taking advantage of Qualiplante kits.


The Qualiplante kit: once tried, always used!