Molecular kits

The Qualiplante kits, once tried, always used!

Aware of the difficulties linked to implementing a molecular diagnostic, Qualiplante provides an all-inclusive solution for the rapid and reliable detection of phytopathogens.

Our kits contain all reagents necessary:

  • ready-made Master Mix,
  • RT-Enzyme and RNase Inhibitor when necessary,
  • positive control,
  • negative control,
  • protocol,
  • certificate of quality,

to realize single or multiplex pathogens detection by End-Point PCR, Nested End-Point PCRReal-Time PCR (SYBR-Green® and Taq-Man®) or isothermal amplification.

Most of our kits are validated before commercialization by expert opinion leaders in pathogen research. If you wish to join our panel of opinion leaders, do not hesitate to contact us.