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Call for opinion leaders to test new kits

With the release of some new kits, Qualiplante send one kit for free to Opinion Leaders with expertise in plant molecular diagnosis and sought pathology.

If you are interested in joining our panel of Opinion Leaders, contact us at and you will be the first to be informed about (…)  » 

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Qualiplante sponsor of the 3rd EU Bois noir WS

Qualiplante sponsored the 3rd European Bois Noir Workshop which was held 20 and 21 March 2013 in Barcelona, and presented our innovative kits for molecular detection of Bois Noir.

Qualiplante also participated to the COST Action FA0807 Workshop, held 22 March 2013 in Barcelona, on New Perspectives in Phytoplasma (…)  » 

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Winner of the French national OSEO competition

June 2011: The Qualiplante project « Tools for innovative diagnosis of plant diseases » was prize-winner in the Emergence category of the French National Competition for support to the Creation of Technologically Innovative Enterprises, organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, in partnership with OSEO.

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Winner of the CRÉ’ACC competition

November 2011: The Qualiplante project received an award in the Cré’Acc 2011 competition as winner in the category of Innovative Enterprises.

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Our new website is on-line

February 2012: We invite you to discover our new website. Discover easily our range of products and the various molecular kits that we purpose.