qPCR GFLV - 24 tests / qPCR GFLV - 96 tests

Detection: Grapevine fanleaf virus on grapevine.

Matrices:Grapevine leaves collected outside hot periods (for example in May/June) and bark scrapings from dormant canes.

Other information: kit developed and optimized by Qualiplante according to Osman and Rowhani, 2006. A verification was performed by Qualiplante (data not published) and the performance characteristics of the kit are the same as the original publication.

The RNA2-polyprotein CP gene was used to design primers and probes.

Taq-Man® technology, FAM fluorophore.

Included reagents: Direct Master Mix, RT-Enzyme, Negative Control, Positive Control.


Targeted pathogen:

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