qPCR Erwinia amylovora - 24 tests / qPCR Erwinia amylovora - 96 tests

Detection: Erwinia amylovora responsible of Fire blight on Rosaceae.

Matrix: Any kind of plant material or bacterial colonies.

Other information: kit based on Pirc and al., 2009. A verification was performed by Qualiplante (data not published) and the performance characteristics of the set are the same as the original publication.

The primers and probe were designed on the ams gene, involved in the synthesis of the capsular polysaccharide amylovoran which is unique to E. amylovora and strongly associated with its multiplication in plants and its pathogenicity.

Validation data of the method are available from a test performance study realized in 2010 (Euphresco ERWINDECT project). This method is also referred in the Appendix 12 of the PM7/20 (2) Erwinia amylovora, European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization Bulletin (2013) 43 (1).

Taq-Man technology®, FAM fluorophore.

Included reagents: Direct Master mix, Negative Control, Positive Control.


Targeted pathogen:

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