PCR CMV - 24 tests / PCR CMV - 96 tests

Detection: Cucumber mosaic virus on Cucurbitaceae.

Matrices: Plant tissues.

Other information: kit developed and optimized by Qualiplante according to Rizos et al. 1992. A verification was performed by Qualiplante (data not published) and the performance characteristics of the kit are the same as the original publication.
The primers were designed on the capsid protein gene. They are based on CMV-Q RNA 3 and amplify an 870 bp fragment for all CMV isolates, which can be cut by the restriction enzyme MspI to obtain patterns distinguishing S-I from S-II isolates.
The test of Rizos et al., 1992 was evaluated during a ring-test of European Union COST 823.

Included: Direct Master Mix, Positive Control, Negative Control.

Targeted pathogen:

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