qPCR CTV - 24 tests / qPCR CTV - 96 tests

Detection: Citrus tristeza virus.

Matrix: Plant tissues (shoots, mature fruits including peduncle and columella, leaves including petioles) and aphids.

Other information: set developed in collaboration with the company International Plant Analysis and Diagnostics (www.ipadlab.eu).

Primers and probe were designed according to the sequence of the most conserved region of the CTV genome. The assay was evaluated on most than 400 CTV isolates from different areas (Spain, Italy, Chile, Egypt…).

No cross-reactions were observed for other citrus virus and viroids: Citrus psorosis virus, Citrus vein enation virus, Citrus variegation virus, Citrus exocortis viroid, Hop stunt viroid, Citrus bent leaf viroid, Citrus viroid III and Citrus viroid IV.

Taq-Man® technology, FAM fluorophore.

Included reagents: Direct Master Mix, RT-Enzyme, Negative Control, Positive Control.


Targeted pathogen:

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