Nested PCR Botr - 24 tests / Nested PCR Botr - 96 tests

Detection: Botryosphaeria spp. on grapevine.

Matrix: Fungal isolates, chips from the trunk and arms of standing vines or the rootstock trunk of dormant grafted rooted cuttings, rootstock trunks of dormant grafted rooted cuttings.

Other information: Permits to detect all 17 species of Botryosphaeriaceae which have been reported as potential wood pathogens of grapevine. This Nested End-Point PCR method is based on a first amplification of primer sets designed within the regions flanked by the universal primers ITS5 and ITS4, and on a second amplification of primer sets aimed at specifically amplifying the DNA of all the species in Botryosphaeriaceae, including Neofusicoccum parvum and Neofusicoccum ribis, which have been associated with wood diseases of grapevine.

Included reagents: Direct Master Mix, Nested Master Mix, Negative Control, Positive Control.

Targeted pathogen:

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