PCR AgVit - 24 tests / PCR AgVit - 96 tests

Detection: Agrobacterium vitis and Agrobacterium tumefaciens, with discrimination.

Matrix: Grapevine tumors tissues, roots or wood canes.

Other information: The method uses a combination of 3 specific primers sets that permit to amplify:

  • the chromosomal polygalacturonase gene pehA used to identify vitis strains and to distinguish them from A. tumefaciens (466 bp DNA fragment),
  • a region of virF gene coding for vitis nopaline and octopine pTi (382 bp),
  • a region of VirD gene coding for vitis vitopine.

The performance of this kit has been demonstrated using different bacteria strains: A. tumefaciens A348, C58 and A281, A. vitis from Hungary, from Tunisia, AT6, Tm4, AB3, Zw2, B10/7, AT1, AT66, AB4, Rr4, Ni1, CG49, S4, Sz1, NW221, SF93 and F2/5.

Included reagents: Direct Master Mix, Negative Control, Positive control.


Targeted pathogen:

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