PCR ArMV, GFLV, GFkV, GLRaV-1,2,3, GVA woRT - 24 tests / PCR ArMV, GFLV, GFkV, GLRaV-1,2,3, GVA woRT - 96 tests

Detection: Arabis mosaic virus (ArMV), Grapevine fanleaf virus (GFLV), Grapevine leafroll-associated virus -1 (GLRaV-1), -2 (GLRaV-2) and -3 (GLRaV-3), Grapevine virus A (GVA) and Grapevine fleck virus (GFkV) on grapevine.

Matrix:Grapevine leaves and bark scrapings from dormant canes.

Other information: kit developed and optimized by Qualiplante according to Gambino and Gribaudo, 2006. A verification was performed by Qualiplante (data not published) and the performance characteristics of the kit are the same as the original publication.

This method was compared to ELISA method (3 different reagents) during Arnadia Italian project on 122 infected grapevine samples tested by 13 laboratories. The results of the ring-test were presented during the 17th Congress of ICVG, Davis, California, in 2012.

Internal control. Without RT Master Mix and RT-Enzyme.

Included reagents: Direct Master Mix, Positive Control A, Positive Control B, Negative Control.



Targeted pathogen:

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