bCUBE®: a miniaturized device for the analysis of nucleic acid

The bCUBE® is a miniaturized, state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids. It allows user to run both temperature cycles and isothermal analysis, enabling a wide array of DNA and RNA detection methods such as qPCR, isothermal amplifications (LAMP), etc… The bCUBE® is programming and managing directly by Wi-Fi.


  • Portable and miniaturized, fast DNA/RNA amplification and detection
  • Robust, compact, lightweight for “in the field” operation
  • High precision thermal control
  • Performing Isothermal Amplification, Real Time PCR and Melting Curves
  • Simultaneous multi wavelength detection
  • Fully controllable with a Smartphone through bAPP®
  • Easy-to-use: only 2H of training, non specialized users
  • Cloud storage with bDATA®

Technical specifications

Dimensions 105 x 105 x 160 mm
Weight 1.500g
Interfaces Comm. Bluetooth, Ethernet (wireless and cable)
Sample number 9 samples on standard cartridge, up to 49 on custom cartridges
Sample volume 10 to 45 µl (9 wells cartridge) *
Light source High brightness LEDs – 2 wavelengths. Upgradable to 4
Excitation wavelengths 472 and 530 nm **
Optical Detection High resolution, low noise CMOS Camera (5MP)
Acquisition time < 1s – Total time for all samples
Detected wavelengths 556 nm and 524 nm **
Thermal Block Peltier module for heating and cooling
Temperature sensor High precision NTC resistor
Temperature resolution < 0.05 °C
Temperature uniformity ± 0.1 °C
Temperature control range 20 – 99 °C
Temperature ramp Up to 3 °C/s
Power supply 12 V – DC
Power consumption Max 60W – Average 20W

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* Actual sample volume required may depend on the specific analytical kit.
** Custom optical design possible upon request, up to four wavelengths capability.