The bCUBE® can be controlled by a dedicated App optimized for smartphone, tablet and computer. that offers a comprehensive, intuitive and user friendly interface: the bAPP.

The bAPP allows the user to:

  • GPS geolocalize of individual sample
  • take picture of individual sample
  • download the requested testing protocol for the desired analysis and program the bCUBE®
  • program the bCUBE® with your own testing protocol
  • acquire Real-Time fluorescence curves and melting curve in high definition
  • receive immediate diagnostic information about the sample being tested
  • generate and email a test report in PDF format
  • upload the full test data to bDATA® to manage and integrate data taken over ranges of time and location form multiple bCUBEs
  • monitor the status of the bCUBE® and access credentials

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Screenshot General Analysis Running

Screenshot temperature cycling

Screenshot Steps Analysis Running

Screenshot Ct curves