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Plant health: for a better human health

PhytodiagnosticPlant health is essential for the well-being of our planet and for human health. In fact, about 80% of food relies on plants and plant products but plant pests and diseases can cause huge losses in crops (over 40%). Both global food security and environmental protection depend on economically and environmentally sustainable plant production. Reliable, validated and easy-to-use pest detection tools are essential to reduce economic costs and support surveillance activities in plant production globally.

Our “raison d’être”

Phytodiagnostic cultureQualiplante aims to contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture, through the development and production of innovative molecular-based diagnostic kits for the detection of a large number of plant diseases. Whether you are a private or a public laboratory, a nursery, a professional organization, Qualiplante offers molecular tools adapted to your needs to detect plant diseases and that simplify your work.

Qualiplante expertise

Phytodiagnostic vigne2Qualiplante is a global provider of reliable, validated and easy-to-use diagnostic test kits with high quality standards for plant health testing. The R&D team have the expertise to develop new methods to meet the needs of the market. Qualiplante kit validation by world-renowned opinion leaders together with the development of several scientific partnerships ensure the best quality and highest reliability on the market.

Qualiplante also supplies instruments to facilitate the testing procedures at competitive prices and our experts are available to train people on the analytical procedures.

How can Qualiplante help you in your plant health analysis?

Diagnostic kitCurrent diagnostic tools are most often unreliable, of low sensitivity, time-consuming, impossible to develop for some diseases and often do not permit multi-detection. For these reasons, it is time to improve plant disease diagnostics!

Molecular biology is the most appropriate method to detect plant diseases in an early and reliable way. Farmers can target and reduce PPP treatments with an early diagnostic in order to contribute to a sustainable agriculture. Qualiplante products are developed to democratize molecular biology for plant certification and to simplify its use.